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Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...

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  • Fighting for our villages
    Working together
    Representing your views
  • 179000 Chickens in 4 barns
    In just 6 weeks, chicks are fed intensively to adult weight
    Chickens are caught and caged, usually during the hours of darkness
    They are then transported over 110 miles to Cullompton in Devon
    There they are slaughtered and processed
    before being packed and distributed to major retailers such as M & S, Tesco and Waitrose
    1.5 Million birds slaughtered per year
  • Huge Redesign with 8 metre high towers
    The new design has a much greater visual impact than the initial submission
    The attempts to design out problems with emissions have simply caused further problems with noise.
    This further shows that this is simply the wrong application in the wrong location


The Sutton Veny & Longbridge Deverill Action Group. Fighting the 2 Sisters chicken factory. 


The factory will have high velocity fans running throughout the night, causing unbearable disturbance to nearby residents. Our consultants have calculated that these fans will generate over 56 Decibels of noise simply from the air passing through the ducts

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The proposal will put more than 5700 heavy goods vehicle movements on a fragile rural road. The access route to/from the site passes down a narrow country road with poor site-lines, through the vary restricted width of Sand Street in Longbridge Deverill.

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Several businesses have already relocated away from this site, and there are growing concerns that Horses First Racing may move away if this  succeeds. We need local jobs and this proposal will only create 2 jobs, whilst damaging our rural economy

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The proposed design now includes large ventilation towers 27 feet high; the height of a 3-storey house, which will have a major impact in our sensitive AONB. There are plenty of more suitable sites outside the AONB and closer to the processing plant in devon.

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About Us

WE formed 'Spitting Feathers' in 2012, after hearing that plans had been submitted for a factory chicken farm, housing 225,000 birds, located between the villages of Sutton Veny and Longbridge Deverill, in the beautiful Wiltshire Downs and Cranbourne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Residents clearly remembered the previous, smaller poultry farm at the same location, which produces smells so strong that residents had to close all their windows and stay inside. 'Spitting Feathers' has been campaigning throughout the planning process, and succeeded in gaining a suspension of the planning process pending the Environment Agency permit application.

We have uitilised the help of not only local experts, but environmental consultants, noise consultants, planning consultants and transport consultants, as well as a planning solicitor and a planning barrister. This, coupled with our growing publicity campaign is what we must do to highlight our concerns and to reinforce our beliefs that this is simply the wrong proposition in this location. 2 Sisters Foods, who own the site, supply chicken to all the major national retailers, including Marks & Spencer and Waitrose. 


What we do

  • Publicise our concerns to local and national media
  • Comment on all aspects of the planning process
  • Co-ordinate expert opinion
  • Keep all our local residents updated on our progress, and consult them on our intentions

Our Costs

70 %
Publicity Material
20 %
Print Material
10 %

Please make a donation to our funds. Bank Sort Code 40-45-23. Account No. 81465546



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