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Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...

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  • Fighting for our villages
    Working together
    Representing your views
  • 179000 Chickens in 4 barns
    In just 6 weeks, chicks are fed intensively to adult weight
    Chickens are caught and caged, usually during the hours of darkness
    They are then transported over 110 miles to Cullompton in Devon
    There they are slaughtered and processed
    before being packed and distributed to major retailers such as M & S, Tesco and Waitrose
    1.5 Million birds slaughtered per year
  • Huge Redesign with 8 metre high towers
    The new design has a much greater visual impact than the initial submission
    The attempts to design out problems with emissions have simply caused further problems with noise.
    This further shows that this is simply the wrong application in the wrong location

About Us

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 We have been involved in opposition to plans for a chicken farm between our two villages since 2012. To date, we have galvanised local opinion, leading to a significant reponse to the application by way of submitted comments to the planning officer.

We have employed noise consultants, environmental consultants, solicitors, planning consultants and barristers to ensure that we make the strongest case possible. We passionately believe that this is simply the wrong application for this location. 

The site is within 20 metres of village community allotment, and just 150 metres from the nearest residence, and adjacent to a racehorse training stables. In order to reduce emissions to reasonable levels, the Environment Agency have had to stipulate that high velocity fans be installed in 8 metre high towers. Further demonstrating their doubts over the proposals, they have insisted that a monitoring program be put in place to monitor noise and emissions for the first year of operation.

We believe this should not be dealt with by way of a permit, but robustly at the planning stage.

This application should be refused; it is detrimental to the amenity of all those living near, with unacceptable tonal noise levels generated 24 hours a day, hazardous emissions containing high levels of ammonia and particulates, both harmful to human and horse respiratory systems.

The planned operation would also involve high levels of HGV traffic, accessing the A350 by way of a narrow, poorly aligned rural road. The village of Longbridge Deverill is particularly vulnerable. Sand street is narrow, with cars parked along its length, no pavement, and many houses built right on the road. The village endures bad congestion at times when HGVs meet vehicles coming the other way, requiring lengthy manoeuvering.



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Our Timeline

This journey began over 4 years ago when the planning application was first submitted


Planning application W/11/02440/FUL submitted

Amber Real Estates, the wholly owned subsidiary of 2 Sisters, submit a planning application for a poultry farm containing 225,000 chickens


Spitting Feathers formed

Shortly after heated village meetings with Amber Real Estates, villagers in Sutton veny and Longbridge Deverill formed 'Spitting Feathers'. William Owen, a resident of Sutton Veny chaired the new group and work began on countering the application. The application was heard by the Wiltshire Planning Committee, where the decision was made to suspend the application until the Environment Agency permit had been obtained




Environment Agency Permit Application

The applicants made representations to the Environment Agency in support of their EA permit application. Spitting Feathers raised concerns about many aspects of the application and, with the help of our environment consultant, we highlighted many problems


EA Permit granted

The EA granted a permit. After taking into account our strong representations, the permit is tightly worded, with many restrictive conditions, including the use of high velocity fans mounted at high level and restricting the number of birds to 179,000


Back to the planning process

The applicants returned to the planning process. Spitting Feathers and many residents registered their renewed concerns about the revised plans, which now include 8 metre high towers housing multiple noisy ventilation fans